Body Language

Body Language

Writer: Zola Ray, C’15

Artist: Ayla Fudala, C’16

Body Language 


Hands on hips

Hips that I once thought

Curved just to meet your fingertips

Ends of fingers with spaces between

Concluding in soft angles

Like knuckle valleys

Finger pits

Our finger pits

never quite touched

Hands held looser than our lips

Eyes half open when we kissed

Couldn’t hold the laughter in

The laughter I pretended

was some sorcery of magicians

Can’t believe in magic now

The power is within her hands

The hands of the one you missed

Guess she didn’t want you

With your loose hands and your tight unforgiving lips

Guess that wasn’t the “you” she had

The “you” that I don’t really miss

I’ve fallen down without the fear

Hitting walls that weren’t there

Or always were

but I don’t care

Because the stagnant breaths

Were enough to let me know

That my hips curved

without your fingertips

And my eyes would close

for someone

with tight hands and loose lips

Lips that speak the way I do

Or did, when I thought you were it

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